Solving problems in the field of cybersecurity. The increasing amount of data required in a reliable, stable for hacking and hacker attacks storage. Without the provision of this type of security, it is impossible for the society, large financial institutions, rich investors and states, in the person of their regulating bodies, to block-up technologies and crypto-active assets. ICO-startups are hampered by the Securities Commission (SEC) – it is impossible to ensure cybersecurity when using crypto currency. Thus, companies that bring solutions to the industry in this field are obviously successful and in demand by the emerging market of crypto assets. Today, the market of cloud storage and protection of information and data is $ 150 billion a year, of which more than $ 100 billion $ 100 billion a year. The industry needs new technological and reliable solutions for safe and inexpensive cloud storage.

Cryptyk is a new standard of security and decentralized cloud storage.
Cryptyk is a platform for corporate storage and security for businesses. The Cryptyk ecosystem will become the basis of cybersecurity in the new crypto-active environment. The unique technology is built on two separate decentralized platforms: VAULT and SENTRY.
The VAULT platform splits the files into encrypted fragments that are distributed between 5 independent cloud stores in passive security for hacking architectures, such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Rackspace and Box.

The second platform SENTRY uses blockchain technology to create an interface with VAULT, and also monitors and controls all user access and file activity.

Together, they form a hybrid blockchain technology that serves as a complete solution for cybersecurity in a decentralized cloud storage environment. Developers Cryptyk intend to halve the cost of data storage in comparison with existing centralized counterparts.

Cryptyk technology allows:
• prevent hacker attacks;
• protect against malicious programs;
• eliminate viruses that are dangerous for the system and its contents;
• minimize virus, operational, hacker and other threats to the security system;
• enables network administrators to protect the system from internal threats, monitor and control the network.
The Cryptyk platform has advantages both for centralized and for decentralized cloud data stores:
• high quality of development;
• High security guarantee;
• Transparency;
• good payback;
• Obtaining rights for each participant;
• Reducing the costs associated with ensuring cybersecurity;
• availability;
• relevance;
• Compatibility with all modern devices.

Decentralized platforms based on blockchain are developed only for storing files for example: Sia, Storj, Filecoin. The hybrid blockchain solution of Cryptyk has two rings of decentralization, cloud storage and security.
An important drawback of cloud blockchain-storage platforms for files Sia, Filecoin and Storj is a large delay in access. You have to wait 30-60 seconds to start downloading the data. Consequently, the block-file storage system is not suitable for online editing or corporate applications in real time. Data can be used for secondary storage of large-scale packet files with a low level of storage. In contrast, hybrid technology CRYPTYK promises to demonstrate access with a delay of less than 200 milliseconds, which is comparable to the usual storage delay for cloud-based centralized storage, allowing users to work with data in real time.
The project already has an MVP, a demonstration of which can be viewed on the Youtube channel of the project. The road map of the project is nevertheless sufficiently detailed and stretched in time, however, it is a real achievable horizon of events, the main one of which falls on Q2-Q2 2019.

Also unlike many ICO projects, Cryptyk has already announced sales markets for its solutions for enterprises that will pay STK tokens and potential income and profit from operations. The economic logic of the use and retention of STK tokens in Section 4.6 of the WhitePaper project.

In particular, for ordinary users who need to store up to 1 GB of data, there is a free package of services, Users can choose to upgrade to a paid version of PrO, which includes the connection of the SENTRY blockchain- security platform, up to 500 GB of disk space per VAULT on one user. This suite of products has advanced security features, such as access rights to files at the access level, API integration and encrypted e-mail and chats. The Pro package will cost about $ 15 a month per user and is ideal for professional users of small and medium businesses. For $ 30 a user gets 1 TB of space and an extended package of solution

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