Decentralized exchange with the possibility of input and output of fiat
The current bear market basically does not allow to raise the head of ICO projects, raising funds for crowdsale is usually hard, only the most high-level projects collect HardCap, most projects move the ICO start indefinitely. At the same time, ICO, which raised funds earlier and broke the tokens are traded at a loss. However, soon the market can turn around and we will see again the growth of altcoyins, so you need to keep on the radar projects that will come out on crowdsale in the fall.

Which ICOs are the most promising in terms of investment? The answer may come from a small analysis of projects that entered the market in 2018, in particular, they were projects related to the exchange.

We mean both conventional exchanges of crypto-currencies, and so-called DEX, decentralized exchanges. These are projects that promote decentralized exchange ideas to the market, crypto-exchange exchanges that offer margin trading and the seamless exchange of fiat for crypt, that is, ICOs that offer a real product, claimed by the crypto-exchange community.
The vast majority of Holders, ICO investors and crypto traders are more or less involved in trading their coins and tokens, so they are interested in exchanges with a wide range of functions that support:

high trading volume, liquidity positions
safe cold and hot storage crypto currency users, resistant to the hacking solution (by default it is considered that DEX is more resistant to hacking)
user-friendly interface
margin trading, the possibility of placing stop-loss, limit orders and other features for traders
crediting of the stock exchange of traders, and brokerage of the exchange in lending p2p between users
input and output of fiat
low commission
frequent listing of new coins
referral programs
different competing, prize draws
refund of commission fees for various activities
Experience has shown that, on a long downtrend, the stock tokens of the leading crypto-exchangers are sufficiently resistant to drawdowns, the example of BNB (the exchange token of the leading crypto-currency exchange Binance) is a good example. Thus, investing in crypto-exchange tokens is a well-founded, reinforced by positive experience idea.

It is possible that in the near future the popular and popular decentralized exchange will be, ICO, which will start in October this year. Judging by the current information, this project has good data for success.
The project has published a roadmap, where the stage-by-stage introduction of all necessary functionality for users is planned until 2020.

Safe storage of crypto currency, resistant to hacking, margin trading, the possibility of issuing stop-loss, limit orders, lending to traders and intermediation in lending p2p between users, input and output of fiat funds, low commission, use of BCIO token, permanent listing of new coins, holding an ICO on their own loungingpot. All this user-friendly functionality, imposed on a decentralized basis by atomic swaps, over which many cryptprojects are currently working.

Team and advisers of the project.
The project is headed by Pierre Noizat, the founder and owner of Paymium, a European crypto-exchanger that has been on the market since 2011.

On this platform, you can exchange euros for bitcoins. The exchanger has proven itself in the market in a positive way, it has not been subject to hacking.

Pierre plans to create a gateway that will connect Paymium with the trading platform, which will ensure the input and output of the euro, dollars, possibly other currencies.

The front men, the project, Dominique Rodriguez, Letizia Zita and Pierre Tavernier, have fundamental experience in their fields of competence and hopefully will lead the new bourse forward to success. has acquired an impressive pool of advisers, whose portfolio can be obtained in state and international financial institutions, venture funds and consulting structures.
The release of MVP (the least viable product).
In early July, the team designed the MVP of its trading platform.

The issue of MVP was noticed by the largest crypto currency influxer, Jan Balina. In general, the project received good marks from Jan, which, of course, is a very good sign.
Tokenometrics and use of the BCIO token
In total, it is planned to conduct an ICO of $ 70 million, of which 60% of the total number of 200 BCIO tokens released on crowdsale will be sold.

BCIO users can use trading platforms as payment for commissions on the trading platform, payment for listing coins and tokens, as payment for margin trading, it is also planned to burn tokens.

In general, the project looks very strong and dignified. The team launched a curious Bounty / Airdrop program, according to our referral

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